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Client Comments

“You elicited in me what I needed to find. You provide guidance so there is clarity.”

“You have a gentle but powerful approach. It is very gentle, but there is a great deal of rigor that you wouldn’t expect with the gentleness.”

“Thank you very much for your continued guidance and coaching. After every one of my visits, I feel an increased sense of strength and energy and confidence.”

“Thank you so much for what you do for our organization. Your participation and presence add so much to the staff. It would not be where it is today without you.”

“Chuck is a rare individual. Full of heart. Honest as they come. A real man of integrity — a rare breed. I can’t recommend Chuck highly enough. And he’s a great recruiter and coach!”

“I’ve struggled with vulnerability and lack of clarity and through my work with Chuck, I’ve developed tools to build my confidence to achieve my goals.”